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Beschichten und Kaschieren Kreditkarten-Industrie / e-Pass Textil-Industrie Elektroindustrie Automobilindustrie Digitaldruck-Industrie

Our customer segment

Plastic card industry / passport

To establish permanent and tamper-proof composites, it needs the highest standards of laminating adhesives. Since we provide coatings for over 20 years in this industry, we can draw on a wide range of know-how and provide solutions to your problems in a short time.

Textile industry

In order to stand out you have to distinguish yourself from the crowd. Therefore, we produce customized films and coextruded films with special effects, whether as sequences or hotfix foils.

Electricial industry

Aluminum coatings as well as metal film composites with high temperature and oil resistance are common products we supply in this sector.

Automotive industry

From the ornamental list up to the motor nameplate, much is glued in the automotive industry. In order to remove the liner in a very short time at the production lines, we deliver the appropriate removal aid.

Digital printing industry

Digital printing is a promise to the future. With our primer coatings you will have good adhesion with your digital printing system to numerous substrates. For digital transfer printing, we have different solutions for transfer coatings.