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Plastikkarten Reisepass

Plastic card industry / passport

Coatings for the plastic-card industry and passport production

With over 20 years experience in coatings and composites for the plastic card and e-passport industry we can offer you a wide range:

Heat-seal coatings on overlay films of all current commercial materials such as PVC, PET-G, PC, PLA, BOPET, tailored to the needs of your process and product

- Primer for all current commercial core films for conventional printing systems as well as digital printing systems

– BOPET core film printable and laminatable to PVC, PET-G, PC, PLA

Self-adhesive coatings for RFID stickers, permanent or removable

- IR-transparent black coating

- Heat-seal coatings for all e-cover materials such as synthetic papers (Teslin, Neobond, Tyvek), nonwovens, textile- and paper-based cover materials